Nummela Backyard Ultra – briefly in English

NU-BU means love. In the Urban Dictionary it is described as the new, improved, stronger and loving relationship between two individuals.

Nummela Backyard Ultra organizes various running events in Vihti. Our main event is the Nummela Backyard Ultra running in October 2023. We organized 2022 Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra Team Championships. In the Backyard Ultra, a 6.7 km loop is run until only one runner has time to run during that hour. The competition often lasts several days.

Nummela Backyard Ultra will be run next time on 14.10.2023 from 10:00. Event is sold out.

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Start of the Big Dog’s Satellite Race October 2022

Competition center

Nummela is located 50km from Helsinki. It takes 45 minutes from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Racecenter is called Tarmonmaja (Hiidenvedentie 4, 03100 Nummela). The warm facilities are available for maintenance throughout the event. Shower and sauna in use all the time. There is also a wind tent, tables and chairs outside. Food and drinks are included. Toilets in use both outside and in connection with the changing rooms. Parking is in the parking lot of the Nummela swimming pool (Hiidenvedentie 3, 03100 Nummela). The Tarmonmaja parking lot is closed throughout the event and reserved for the use of the competition’s starting area and competitors’ own tents.

We offer -10% discount to our runners and support teams to book room from Selli hotel at Vihti. Check the rooms from and ask for the discount code from us.


The day route (from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.) goes along the paths of ridge of Nummela, varying from small paths to wider dirt roads. We mainly follow clear forest paths. In windy weather, the route is quite open. The amount of ascent on the route is 40m.

The route is marked with reflective sticks and arrow signs painted on the ground. There is one road crossing on the route and there are also mtb cyclists in the area of the competition center.

The night route (19:00- 7:00) consists of two 3.35 km sub-laps. The total ascent of the route is 60m/6.7km. The route is marked with blue reflective sticks and arrow signs.

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